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Number one yacht service in Europe Join our family of yacht owners and you won't want to leave!


YACHTS FAMILY GROUP is a team of qualified professionals who share a joint passion for the sea and our business. Together we are creating a global project that combines the most convenient and necessary online services that every yachtsman can use, at any time, anywhere in the world.

YACHTS FAMILY GROUP enables you to solve any issues related to the purchase of a yacht, along with its ownership and maintenance. We will carefully guide you through every step into the wonderful world of yachting. You will appreciate the distinction of life “before” and “after”. Life without compromise!

Your desire of owning a yacht is becoming a reality, and with our support, we will offer you an extensive overview of all the leading brands to choose from to help make your dreams come true. With our best sailing experts, we will determine the best yacht for you and your needs, taking our time to cater for where you will be spending your days listening to the wind in the sails and being surrounded by the scent of the sea. Or maybe a catamaran is suitable for your large family? We will offer you a wide choice from sports and budget models to LUXURY catamarans that resemble a villa on the water. Only your villa will always be in the most beautiful places in the world, and you will make the way there yourself. All of this is only at official shipyard prices! And with obligatory test drives! After all, you wouldn’t buy a car withouth test driving it first.


What is stopping you from joining this wonderful and magical world?

We will refute any of your arguments so you can rest easy in your new found happiness. Live today!

Don't have a yacht charter? This is the easiest task that we will solve together with you. A staff of professional instructors is always waiting for you where you wish to start your training.

Do you want to own a yacht but don't want to operate? We will help you find an experienced captain and crew. Only verified crews with recommendations from previous owners.

Are you ready to buy your dream? No? Is it embarrassing that you will go on a yacht only a few times a year, but at the same time you have to pay the full cost of both the boat and its maintenance? We have a great solution - become a joint yacht owner with other members of our large family. Get millions of fun with only 25% investment. We will take care of all matters of yacht ownership! Own something you never dreamed of before.

Do you already have a Yacht and want to sell it and have already thought about buying a new one? Europe's Brokerage Site gives you a way to sell your yacht quickly. As soon as you load your yacht into our system, your yacht will instantly be placed on all the world's yacht sales sites.

Do you want to own a yacht, but still want to earn money? We give you this opportunity! Invest your funds in our project and get high dividends by using the yachts of the system anywhere available.

Thinking about where to complete your new yacht on your first sailing? is the online store in Europe selling any yacht accessories, as well as popular water activities. At a time convenient for you, collect an order from a huge assortment, ranging from must-have accessories for on board safety, to stylish shatterproof tableware and underwater scooters for colorful sea adventures! We will deliver your order directly to your yacht, wherever it is.

• Still, you want to try it first? Take a yacht for charter from tens of thousands of yachts in our database and many locations around the world on our service and come back from your trip with a sea of impressions!

Welcome to the world of happy people, adventure and yachting fraternity.



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