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Yachtsharing Cranchi: 60 feet for 300,000 euros

When you first step on to the deck of a yacht, something changes in your life. The oportunity for any voyage is in sight, and once you are on your way, youwill be charmed by the endless possibilities that only this recreation can offer. Freedom and harmony with nature, that is unique and magical from the endless sea surrounding you.  

A natural obsesion  with the sea is often by accident but once found it is life changing. The rapid search for charters and sea cruises soon follows this new found interest and once the feeling of freedom and independence prevails, the desire to own your yacht is undenieble. However, dreams and desires can sometimes be crashed by the reality: there is a traditional opinion that owning a yacht is expensive and requires special knowledge and a willingness to face unexpected expenses. It can feel owerwhelming choosing a yacht, deciding on the type of berth, selecting the crew with servicing and managing as well as the costs associated with it. A yacht is used for its intended purpose of a couple of months a year on average, whilst still requiring its timely maintenance and constant monitoring. This can bring significant costs that would be nice to share.  

How does it work? 

We offer a new way of looking at a yacht purchase, for which it has developed the Yacht Sharing program or joint yacht ownership. There are two fractional ownership programs: three (33% each) and four (25% each) - the cost of buying a yacht, renting a place in the marina, insurance premiums, maintenance and salaries of the crew members are equally divided among all program participants. The yacht always remains in the caring hands of the constant crew and your companions, who take good care of the vessel, since they have invested their money in it. The yacht is not used for charter therefore it does not lose its value.   At the same time there is no need to meet, negotiate and communicate with the rest of the owners.

It is simple: when you decide to participate in the joint ownership program, choose a yacht and a base location, we take care of finding partners, and the prepayment for a yacht is made only after the group of partners is fully formed. As a result, you get a yacht with a crew prepared for the season, and a convenient schedule for using the yacht in high and low seasons allows you to get all the benefits of sole ownership of a yacht.   The responsibility for the maintenance and preparation of the yacht for your vacation rests entirely with the management company. And here everything is organised so that every detail testifies - you are on your yacht. On board, in addition to the crew, you will have your own set of tableware, bed linen and other personal items.  

Available under the Shared Ownership Program, the yachts are delivered in an optimal package, which means that the boat is fully painted in any of 10 unique colours to choose from using DuPont technology, providing additional protection and durability for your boat. The yacht will be fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, home automation and entertainment system. A hydraulic bathing platform will also be installed on board and a tender, jet ski or water toys for general use: a Seabob pair, an inflatable slide and a sea pool, will comfortably fit in a spacious garage. To ensure the highest comfort, the yacht is additionally equipped with pitch stabilisers.   The management company takes care of all the worries: registration of a company for a yacht, construction and acceptance of a yacht at a shipyard, registration under a flag, insurance in a leading European company, selection of a team, ferrying a yacht to a berth, warranty and service. You only come to rest and do not think about anything. And your share in the yacht can be sold, donated or inherited at any time.  

Why did we choose Cranchi yachts?            

The heirloom Italian shipyard Cranchi Yachts has recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. It remains true to tradition and proudly continues the work of outstanding craftsmen in the art of shipbuilding, using a conbination of artisanal capabilities, cutting edge technology in the manufacturing process, design and materials.   Since 1997, the shipyard has been using technology for the production of yacht hulls, completely eliminating the appearance of osmosis, which is why so few Cranchi yachts are present on the secondary market, with an average production of 400 yachts per year. At the same time, the use of Kevlar and carbon fiber in the production of Cranchi cases gives high impact strength and rigidity of the case under any loads that arise. Due to the use of carbon plastics the body is quite light which, together with the use of IPS engines from VOLVO PENTA, significantly affects fuel consumption.

In addition, due to the quality of the yachts produced, Cranchi have a high residual value and are well appreciated in the brokerage market, which allows, for example, after 5 years by a common decision of all owners, to replace the yacht with a new Cranchi model with a small surcharge.   And, perhaps most importantly, boarding the Cranchi you feel calm. In the luxurious interiors, made with a unique Italian taste, you will feel exceptional comfort and harmony from the first moment. Everything you need for a real vacation.  

What yachts are available?  

Among the models available for the co-ownership program, you can choose a yacht from 52 to 78 feet: CRANCHI 52F, 52S, T55, 56F, 60ST, 67NEW, and of course the bestseller Settantotto 78. Where will the yachts be based?  As a parking space, we offer you a choice of two comfortable marinas, where service centres are located for your convenience. And we can always change your parking place in the future.  

  • Option 1: Marina Lazur in Montenegro.   A comfortable marina at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor with a hotel by the beach, several restaurants and bars, a high-speed water taxi to the airport. From this place you can get to Montenegro and magnificent island Croatia and beautiful  Greece.  
  • Option 2: Valencia Mar in Spain. In this marina, located directly opposite the Balearic Islands, we have purchased its own super yacht pantones. The magnificent landscapes of Mallorca, the clubbing beaches of Ibiza and the heavenly waters of Formentera open before you. In this case, a yacht with a crew can pick up the owner anywhere in the Mediterranean part of Spain, France or in Monaco.  

The next season promises to be hot and truly open, and a calm winter will allow you to solve all the organizational issues related to the choice of the yacht of your dreams and plan your future trip. First Yacht Group has free slots under the 2021 co-ownership program, participation in which will allow you with the capital to buy a small 35-foot yacht to become the full owner of a 60-foot yacht with a crew, while sharing the maintenance costs.   In Russia joint ownership of a yacht is also possible under the individual leasing program.   In an endless cycle of routine affairs, do not deny yourself the pleasure of a perfect holiday on your own yacht.  

Find out the details of the program by phone or by WhatsApp!     

And see you at the sea!


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