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A marine surveyor is qualified person conducting inspections, surveys and examination of marine vessels. 


What is the purpose of a professional survey?

  • to determine the general condition of the vessel (Condition survey),
  • to determine the condition of the vessel before buying or selling (Sale and Purchase or Pre-purchase condition survey), including sea trials (Sea Trial),
  • to determine the estimated value of the vessel (Valuation survey),
  • to determine the state of the structural components of structural elements, the operability of units, assemblies, engines (Structural survey),
  • to determine the physical condition of the hull and bulkheads (Hull and bulkhead survey), to receive insurance payments in the event of an insured event, as well as to study the causes of the accident (Survey for insurance),
  • to obtain a loan secured by a yacht (Survey for finance).

We carry out all types of professional surveys anywhere in the world. The examination is carried out by surveyors, who have a higher technical education and many years of experience in this field. 

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